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UE4 CharGen: Counter-Terrorists Pack

UE4 CharGen: Enemy Soldiers Pack

Unity Soldiers Packs

CharGen: Counter-Terrorists and Enemy Soldier packs

Use modular character generator plugin to create tons of characters!


The pack contains CharGen Modular Character System and Triple-A Counter-Terrorists models pack. It allows for a fast and easy creation of modular characters from ANY meshes that are rigged to Epic Skeleton.



CharGen uses a Full Body Morph system. You will able to set up any complexion for your characters WITHOUT Morph-Targets. This pack includes the most popular Interfaces and in-game user cases for game developing. Use

Character Configuration and in-game Character Switcher widgets - configure and play!



CharGen has a Presets system, which allows you to make menu presets for different classes or characters. The system is based on a content pack system so, it's really easy to add\remove character packs to your game.


CharGen fully compatible to most of Marketplace character content like modular characters, weapons and animations!



CharGen system is compatible with any modular and single characters from the UE4 Marketplace that are rigged to the UE4 Skeleton. You will be able to add\remove character parts and wear, accessorize, hats and more. Also you will be able to set up the Hue, Saturation, and Material for any character element. The color picker and Hue picker widgets are included. Configuration for in-game units (NPC's, enemies, and other) is pretty simple.



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