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Spline Mesh Solutions for UE4

Fast easy and powerful spline based mesh generation solution!

Procedural spline based objects generation


- Extrude, Extrude by other Spline, Lathe, Bend and other features

- Make Road Tracks, Ocean Shoreline, Curved Walls and many more!

- Spline based geometry can be converted to Static Mesh

- Optimized performance - no run-time calculations

- Shapes and Primitives template collection

- No code - blueprints only!


  • Mesh surface generation based on splines

  • Triangulation surfaces

  • Quadrangular surfaces - curved shapes which could be curved along other shapes!

  • Sweep

  • Lath mesh generation

  • Shape extrusion

  • Shapes smoothing

  • Extrusion along spline

  • Bend instruments - bend spline bath and shapes!

  • Spline front and back objects

  • UV Generation

  • Tangents Generation

  • Collision Generation

  • Scale and rotation of extrusion along spline

  • Tonns of example scenes and ready objects

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