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Auto-painted landscape material
Automatic  landscape mapping

Angle-blend between layers
Automatic blending between layers using angle restriction

Sample Forest setting

Realistic grass, translucent water with distortion and caustics, 7 tree types (vertex-wind similar to Speed Tree™), 6 types of bushes, 5 types of flowers, 3 different stones and a blowball effect. A sample scene to get started is also included in the bundle

Handle painting of different layers using a weight system

Automatic blending between any layers using a heightmap


Triplanar box-mappingPrevents texture stretching at vertical sides

Automatic Grass
Automatic grass generation on different layers

Separate layers to tint the landscape for darker or brighter color localy

Realistic water
Translucency, distortion, reflection, caustics, smart noize randomization, smart roughness randomization, depth color tinting, smooth edge blending

Realistic grass
Side-edge fading, color-variations from by foliage sizes, smart distribution, vertex-wind

Tessellation and displacement
Tessellation by displace map

Splatmasks for auto-generated grass
Nature-like generation by rules of composition

Blending to macro-variation on long distances

Color variations
Nature-like randomization for grass and landscape tiles

Height-slope variation for landscape
Different materials for top and bottom slope tiles

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