January 10, 2019

Ultimate tool for building meshes using spline systems.

- Procedural spline based objects generation

- Extrude, Extrude by other Spline, Lathe, Bend and other features

- Make Road Tracks, Ocean Shoreline, Curved Walls and many more!

- Spline based geometry can be converted to Static Mesh

- Optimized performance - no run-time calculations

- No code - blueprints only!

September 6, 2018

Hello unreal guys!

We want to introduce our brand-new character-related UE4 products available in Marketplace:

CharGen: Counter-Terrorists Soldiers pack

CharGen: Enemy Soldiers pack

June 6, 2018

Good news for everyone who love to participate developers JAMs

We have an opportunity to support this year Epic Unreal JAM contest. Check our prizes in official pages of #UE4 JAM!

July 4, 2017

Ultimate River Tool is powerful and easy to use component for Unreal Engine 4 that allows you to make rivers with automatic flow-map generation. All you need is to make a spline at your map and configure it scales.

Get it here!

The package includes high resolution forest assets: river component, realistic grass, translucent water shader with distortion and caustics, 8 tree types, 4 types of bushes, 3 types of grass, 3 types of...

March 20, 2017

1. How to add an additional MaterialLayer
2. Importing custom textures for landscape layer
3. Using custom meshes as foliage for additional layer


September 6, 2016

Dear unrealers!
The Landscape Auto Material (LAM) bundle was chosen by Epic to Epic Games Summer Sale!
For now we give you an opportunity to buy UE4 LAM with a 30% discount! Offer is actual for Sept. 5 - 12

Best regards
VEA Games team 

picture by @kamipallet


June 2, 2016

LAM for Unity is available now on VEA Games weeble store!


Previously only available for Unreal Engine, LAM is a comprehensive landscape and foliage creation toolset that augments built-in capabilities of the game engine. It allows automatic texturing of landscapes based on height, slopes etc, and automated foliage painting, thereby saving many hours of work. LAM Unity features include:


Terrain shader

  • A set of custom physic...

January 15, 2016

​Take a look at VEA Games ROADMAP: upcoming LAM updates, LAM for Unity release and many more!

January 13, 2016

Hello mates!
We want to request some cool features for Landscape works.

You can vote for this request on UE4 answerhub!


Requested features \ bugfix:

1. Add parameters of random min\max scales and bNormalAlign for meshes in GrassType options (like we are using in Foliage painting mode).

2. Add master scale (for all autogenerated meshes) input node for LandscapeGrassOutput.

3. It would be great to have an opportunity to switch gras...

January 7, 2016


Good news,

Landscape Auto Material Now Available in UE4 Marketplace!  


Also, we want to inform you that the Unity version of LAM is almost done and we plan to release it in the end of Janurary.

Best regards
VEA Games team 



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