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Landscape features request

Hello mates! We want to request some cool features for Landscape works.

You can vote for this request on UE4 answerhub!

Requested features \ bugfix:

1. Add parameters of random min\max scales and bNormalAlign for meshes in GrassType options (like we are using in Foliage painting mode).

2. Add master scale (for all autogenerated meshes) input node for LandscapeGrassOutput.

3. It would be great to have an opportunity to switch grass output references in material instaces

4. Need to fix the Bug: Parameters that linked to LandscapeGrassOutput in master material instance do not updates automaticaly in viewport. After parameters change you are have to modify any of your using GrassType object to update the scene

5. Need to fix the Bug: Parameters that linked only to LandscapeGrassOutput are invisible on material instance

6. Collision gerneration tool for Landscape Grass Output meshes with collisions. No need to do it dynamicaly, for example it could be baked in the map.

Thank you!



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