Nikoderiko: the Magical World

Discover the new huge fantastic platformer universe soon!

Nikoderiko takes the classic side-scroller platformer formula and expands its with a unique and distinctive art style, fun gameplay and 2-player shared screen co-op.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Key Features

  • MYSTERIOUS MAGIC WORLD: There are tons of unique game worlds and levels including secret one!

  • MEMORABLE CHARACTERS: Meet and beat dangerous and funny cobra enemies, and find some friends among them!

  • AMAZING ANIMAL FRIENDS: Run levels on animals and use their special abilities!

  • FAST AND FLUID GAMEPLAY: Use special heroes abilities to boost your speed and fly through the level in time attack challenge mode!

  • TWO PLAYER ONLINE AND SINGLE SCREEN CO-OP: You and your friends can play together the action for non-stop fun!

  • CURVED IN 3D CLASSIC SIDE-SCROLL LEVELS: Nikoderiko takes the classic side-scroller platformer formula of your favorite side scrollers and expands it with completely fresh ideas and quality!

  • PLAY USING ENEMIES CHARACTERS: Find secret coins to get enemy characters into your control in special secret world!