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Sale! 30% off for UE4 Landscape Auto Material pre-Marketplace access!

Dear customers and friends! The Landscape Auto Material (LAM) bundle was approved by Epic and is now ready to shipped, but we are still waiting to get the release date from the Marketplace staff. For now we give you an opportunity to buy UE4 LAM with a 30% discount! Offer ends Tuesday , Janurary 5th. You can buy it using PayPal. Provide us with your PayPal email and we will send you a payment request. When purchased we will send you the download link. Links to future updates will be sent automatically to your email or on direct request. Also, we want to inform you that the Unity version of LAM is almost done and we plan to release it in the end of Janurary. If you want to get it as soon as possible, please, send us an email to:

Best regards VEA Games team


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